G. Raymond Chang Award

Presented to individuals who exemplify the leadership and ideals for which G. Raymond Chang, stood. Mr. Chang was recognized as an outstanding business leader and philanthropist who embodied great humility and commitment to the betterment of communities in Canada and beyond. G. Raymond Chang, O.C., O.J. (1948-2014).

Luminary Award

Presented to people of Caribbean heritage who have made significant outstanding contributions on an international scale in their respective fields, or people who have brought to prominence issues which affect the Caribbean (West Indian) Region.

Chancellor's Award

Presented to Caribbean organizations / institutions that have achieved outstanding success, or Canadian organizations / institutions, that have contributed significantly to the Caribbean (West Indian) or brought to prominence issues which affect the Region or benefit the Diaspora.

Vice Chancellor's Award

Presented to individuals of Caribbean-Canadian heritage, who have attained success in their field of endeavours or individuals who have championed the diaspora.

Process of Nomination and Awards

  1. Nominations are made to Office of the Vice Chancellor and The University of the West Indies Toronto Benefit Awards Committee. A database of all nominated individuals along with their bios are maintained in the Vice Chancellor’s Office.
  2. Each year The UWI Toronto Benefit Awards shortlists nominees in each category.
  3. The names are forwarded to the Vice Chancellor’s Office and the Patrons of the event.
  4. Awardees are selected for each category.
  5. Awardees notified.
  6. Awardees announced.
  7. Presentations of awards made at the UWI Toronto Benefit Awards.